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Rabies is responsible for extensive morbidity and mortality in India. The disease is endemic throughout the country. With the exception of Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep Islands, human cases of rabies are reported from all over the country. The cases occur throughout the year. About 96% of the mortality and morbidity is associated with dog bites. Cats, wolf, jackal, mongoose and monkeys are other important reservoirs of rabies in India. Bat rabies has not been conclusively reported from the country.

To address the issue of rabies in the country, National Rabies Control Programme was approved during 12th FYP by Standing Finance Committee meeting held on 03.10.2013 as Central Sector Scheme to be implemented under the Umbrella of NHM .The Programme had two components – Human and Animal Components in 12th FYP. Human  Component for roll out in the all States and UTs through nodal agency NCDC with total budget of Rs 20 Crores  and Animal Health Component for pilot testing in Haryana and Chennai  through nodal agency Animal Welfare Board of India(AWBI)under the aegis of MoEF&CC, GOI with total budget of Rs 30 Crores for the Plan period. The Human Health Component has been rolled out in 26 States and UTs (Pilot Project for Animal Health Component by AWBI has been ended with closure of last FY of 12th FYP i.e. with effect from 31.3.2017)

In state of Goa NRCP is implemented very well with same objectives as at National level. Various activities are carried out in order to control and prevent Rabies in Humans. Goa adopted INTRADERMAL route of Post Exposure prophylaxis from August 2018. Since September 2017 no Human rabies case been reported from Goa.



  1. Training of Health Care professionals on appropriate Animal bite management and Rabies Post Exposure Prophylaxis.
  2. Advocacy for states to adopt and implement Interdermal route of Post exposure prophylaxis for Animal bite Victims and Pre exposure prophylaxis for high risk categories.
  3. Strengthen Human Rabies Surveillance System.
  4. Strengthening of Regional Laboratories under NRCP for Rabies Diagnosis.
  5. Creating awareness in the community through Advocacy & Communication and Social Mobilization.


Interectoral coordination for Rabies control


To institutionalize the “ONE HEALTH”approach at State level – Collaboration with  other stakeholder like Department of Animal Husbandary and vaterinary services and NGO, Mission Rabies is done with active involvement. Mission Rabies is involved in various training & Educational programmes and also NRCP is part of a Study, Integrated Bite case Management. State has also constituted State Level Zoonosis Committee (SLZC) for intersectoral coordination for prevention and control for zoonosis including Rabies.


Programme Manager/Contact Person

Dr. Utkarsh Betodkar,

State Programme Officer, NRCP

Contact No: 0832-2421810

Email: gassu.idsp[at]nic.in

State Master Trainer

Dr. Prashant Suryawanshi,

State Level Master Trainer, NRCP



Reporting formats

IEC Material

National Programme on Climate Change and Human Health (NPCCHH)

Programme Manager/Contact Person

Dr. Utkarsh Betodkar,

State Programme Officer, (NPCCHH)

Contact No: 0832-2421810

Email: gassu.idsp[at]nic.in

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