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List of Candidates for Written Test for "MATRON & STAFF NURSE" at the Institute of Nursing Education, Bambolim Goa.| List of Candidates for Written Test for "MEDICAL OFFICER, CONSULTANT & ANESTHESIA TECHNICIAN" at the Institute of Nursing Education, Bambolim Goa.| Tender Notice For Setting up PACS System at both District Hospitals in State of Goa | Tender Notice - For "Supply of Machinery, Equipment and Instruments as listed in the Annexure" | Advertisement : Filling up of Various Posts purely on Contract basis under National Health Mission (NHM) | Tender Notice : E-tenders are invited for Supply of Hospital Furniture as listed in the Annexure | Advertisement for the Post of "State Veterinary Consultant" under IDSP | Advertisement : Filling up of Various Mentioned Posts in DHS under various programmes under Non – Communicable Disease Cell (NCDC) | Tender Notice : E-tenders are invited for Supply of Surgical Double Dome OT Light as listed in the Annexure | Notice - Result of Technical Bid Evaluation of Tender "Enviornmental Support Services Operations & Maintenance at Various Health Centers & Offices of Health Institutions| E-Tender Notice No. DHS/FW/NBS/2023-24/588| List of Doctors that have completed the 6 month training in Level 1 ultrasound under PCPNDT| NOTICE - As per the Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Act 2021 chapter III 15(1) - Noperson shall establish any clinic or bank......| Application for Six Months Certificate Training Course in Fundamentals of Abdomino-Pelvic Ultra Sonography Level One For MBBS Doctors| Advertisement : Admission to Certificate Training Course in ‘The Fundamentals in Abdomino Pelvic Ultrasonography: Level one for MBBS Doctors’ under the PC PNDT (Six months training)| PROSPECTUS For the Certificate Training Course in ‘The Fundamentals in Abdomino Pelvic Ultrasonography: Level one for MBBS Doctors’ under the PC PNDT (Six months training)| Auxiliary Nurse & Midwife Prospectus 2023-2024| Post Basic Diploma in Nursing Prospectus 2023-2024| M.Sc. Nursing Prospectus 2023-2024 | Notifications for Appropriate Assisted Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy Authority. |

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STD Control Programme
State Family Welfare Bureau
Non-Communicable Disease Cell 
Dental Cell 
Ophthalmology Cell, 
Goa State AIDS Control Programme 
Tobacco Control Programme 
National Iodine Deficiency Disease Control Programme NIDDCP

Sr. No Name of Applicant Address (Location of Ambulance) Ambulance Vehicle No. Date of Issue of Permit with Permit No. Date of Expiry of Permit(mm/dd/yyyy) Date of Renewal of Permit with Permit No. Expiry Date Remarks
1 World Revival Ministries Society. H.No. 315/4, Tropavaddo, Sodiem, Siolim, Bardez,Goa GA-01-Z-7337 DHS/Sp-Cell/Permit -01(Ambu)/2013-14/2008 Dtd. 26/02/2014 2/26/2019 DHS/Sp-Cell/Permit-76(Ambu)/2018-19/2193 Dtd. 26/03/2019 3/25/2024
2 Dr. Vinayak Prabhudesai Trimurti General Hospital, Las Palmas Housing Estate, Gogal,Margao,Goa GA-08-U-5430 DHS/Sp-Cell/Permit -02(Ambu)/2014-15/142 Dtd. 24/04/2014 4/24/2019
3 Dr.Anuj Tiwari Nusi Wochardt Hospital, Panzarconi,Cuncolim, Salcete,Goa GA-08-U-5069 DHS/Sp-Cell/Permit -03(Ambu)/2014-15/189 Dtd. 05/05/2014 5/5/2019
4 G.N. Padukone, Vrundavan Shalby Hospital Pvt. Ltd.,Karaswada,Mapusa. GA-03-N-0126 DHS/Sp-Cell/Permit 04(Ambu)/2014-15/290 Dtd. 22/05/2014 5/22/2019
5 Dr.Ravish Suresh Kolwalkar Dr.Kolwalkar Galaxy Hospital,Xelpem, Duler,Mapusa,Goa GA-03-N-3674 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit 05(Ambu)/2014-15/291 Dtd. 22/05/2014 5/22/2019 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit-84(Ambu)/2019-20 Dtd. 24/05/2019
6 Manish Goel Sr. General Manager Goa Sponge & Power Ltd. Santana Costi, Sanguem,Goa GA-09-U-2664 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit -06(Ambu)/2014-15/473 Dtd. 23/06/2014 6/23/2019
7 Dr.Sunil Ghade Grace Intensive Cardiac Care Centre,Opp.BPS Club, Pajifond-Margao GA-02-U-4037 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit -07(Ambu)/2014-15/746 Dtd. 31/07/2014 7/31/2019
8 Dr.Sunil Ghade Grace Intensive Cardiac Care Centre,Opp.BPS Club, Pajifond-Margao GA-08-U-8948 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit-08(Ambu)/2014-15/747 Dtd. 31/07/2014 7/31/2019 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit 112(Ambu)/2019-20/1804 dt. 18/12/2019 17-Dec-24
9 Dr.Sunil Ghade Grace Intensive Cardiac Care Centre,Opp.BPS Club, Pajifond-Margao GA-08-U-5291 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit-09(Ambu)/2014-15/748 Dtd. 31/07/2014 7/31/2019 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit 113(Ambu)/2019-20/185 dt. 18/12/2020 17-Dec-24
10 Dr. Rajesh S. Jarherani SMRC V.M. Salgaonkar Hospital, Airport Road, Chicalim GA-06-T-3159 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit-10(Ambu)/2014-15/749 Dtd. 31/07/2014 7/31/2019 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit 107(Ambu)/2019-20/1607 dt. 20/11/2019 19-Nov-24
11 Dr. Robert D’Costa c/o Apollo Victor Hospital, Margao, Goa GA-08-U-7423 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit-11(Ambu)/2014-15/804 Dtd. 08/08/2014 8/8/2019 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-132/2020-21/10 dt, 03/04/2020 2-Apr-25
12 Dr. Jeronimo C. Mendes H.No.55/A, Villa Sharan, Senaulim, Verna-Salcete,Goa GA-08-U-2204 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit-12(Ambu)/2014-15/822 Dtd. 11/08/2014 8/11/2019
13 Dr. Anusuya M. Dhuleepkar Sushruti, Dhulapkar Hospital, Corlim,Tiswadi. GA-07-F-3746 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit-13(Ambu)/2014-15/823 Dtd. 11/08/2014 8/11/2019
14 Mr.Rajendra N. S. Talak The Goa Hindu Association, Sneha Mandir, Bandra, Ponda,Goa GA-05-T-3147 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit-14(Ambu)/2014-15/847 Dtd. 14/08/2014 8/14/2019
15 Mr. Pascoal Mascarenhas Goa Glass Fiber Ltd., Colvale,Bardez, Goa GA-01-Z-5750 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit No-15(Ambu)/2014-15/970 Dtd. 09/09/2014 9/9/2015
16 Shri. Vallabh Valaulikar M/S Tevapharm India, Pvt. Ltd. phase 1A, verna industrial Estate Verna, Goa. GA-08-U-4712 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit No-16(Ambu)/2014-15/1028 Dtd.15/09/2014 9/15/2019
17 Shri. Suryakant Parastekar Thorelbag, Keri, Pernem,Goa GA-11-T-0142 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit No-17(Ambu)/2014-15/1029 Dtd.15/09/2014 9/15/2019
18 Shri. Jinu Puliyam pally C/o Chaitanya Mental Health Care Centre, Madel Tivim, Bardez,Goa. GA-03-K-0401 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-18(Ambu)/2014-15/1048 Dtd.16/09/2014 9/16/2019
19 Manish Trivedi Head Unit C/o Manipal Hospital, Dr. E.Borges Road,Dona Paula GA-07-F-3844 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-19(Ambu)/2014-15/1092 Dtd.23/09/2014 9/23/2019 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-103/2019-20/1212 dt, 27/09/2019 26-Sep-25
20 Manish Trivedi Head Unit C/o Manipal Hospital, Dr. E.Borges Road,Dona Paula GA-07-F-4034 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-20(Ambu)/2014-15/1099 Dtd.23/09/2014 9/23/2019 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-104/2019-20/1213 dt, 27/09/2019 26-Sep-25
21 Shri. Ashwin Upasane (Unit Hea)=d) C/o Cipla Ltd. Plot No.139 to L-146, Verna Industrial Estate, Verna, Goa GA-08-U-2588 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-21(Ambu)/2014-15/1100 Dtd.23/09/2014 9/23/2019
22 Dr. Gokuldas Mangeshkar Manguirish Diagnostics Occupational Health Centre, Nestle (L) Ltd. Ponda,Goa. GA-05-T-3335 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-22(Ambu)/2014-15/1196 Dtd.13/10/2014 10/13/2019
23 Shri. Rakesh Patel, (Factory Manager) , Berger Paints, India Ltd. Plot No.3 to 317 Kundaim Industrial Estate, Kundaim,Goa. GA-05-T-2761 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-23(Ambu)/2014-15/1267 Dtd.24/10/2014 10/24/2019 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-110(Ambu)/2019-20/1738 dt, 10/11/2019 9-Nov-24
24 Dr. Jitendra A Nagarsekar,(Director) Dr. Nagarsekar Classic Hospital, Malbhat, Margao,Goa GA-08-U-8222 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit No-24(Ambu)/2014-15/1423 Dtd.24/11/2014 11/24/2019 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-124(Ambu)/2019-20/2376 dt, 25/02/2020 24-Feb-25
25 Shri. Michael Vincent Lobo, Parra Citizens Forum Association, H.no.177/GF/1, Bhati Vaddo, Parra Bardez,Goa GA-03-N-0743 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit No-25(Ambu)/2014-15/1849 Dtd.05/02/2015 2/5/2020
26 Dr. Kayle Braganza C/o Mathew Braganza Hospital & Research Centre, Naikawaddo Calangute Goa GA-03-N-4370 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit No-26(Ambu)/2014-15/1850 Dtd.05/02/2015 2/5/2020
27 Mr. Shailesh Laul , Vice President, Glenmark Generics Ltd. Plot No S-7, Colvale Industrial Estate,Colvale, Bardez,Goa. GA-03-N-1941 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit No-27(Ambu)/2014-15/1929 Dtd.19/02/2015 2/19/2020
28 Mr. Pascol D. Mascarenhas, Owner, C/o m/S watson Pharma Privah Ltd. Plot No. A3 to A6 Phase 1A, Verna industrial Estate, Verna Salcete, Goa. GA-03-K-2816 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-28(Ambu)/2014-15/1930 Dtd.19/02/2015 2/19/2020
29 Sr. Gretta Monterio , Administrator Administrator, C/o Bosio Hospital, Candolim, Bardez GA-08-U-9843 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit No-29(Ambu)/2014-15/2031 Dtd.04/03/2015 3/4/2020
30 Shri. Rajesh Sawant Nr. Police Station, Mestimol, Canacona GA-10-T-0380 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit No-30(Ambu)/2014-15/2059 Dtd.11/03/2015 3/11/2020 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-118/2019-20/1978 dt. 13/01/2020 12-Jan-25
31 Dr.Amresh Naik Sesa Sterlite Ltd. PigIron Division,Unit II,Navelim,Sankhali,Goa GA-07-F-3382 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit No-31(Ambu)/2014-15/20386 Dtd.16/03/2015 3/16/2020
32 Dr.B.C Pattanshetti, Sr. Medical Officer, Pig Iron Division. Amona, Goa GA-07-F-1370 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit No-32(Ambu)/2014-15/2087 Dtd.16/03/2015 3/16/2020 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-133/2020-21/11 dt. 03/04/2020 2-Apr-25
33 Dr.Sachin Jain Manipal Hospital, Goa Dr. E. borges Road,Ponda GA-07-F-5075 DHS/Sp.Cell/permit No-33(Ambu)/2015-16/1232 Dtd.27/11/15 11/27/2020
34 Dr.Sachin Jain Manipal Hospital, Goa Dr. E. borges Road,Ponda GA-07-F-5074 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-34(Ambu)/2015-16/1233 Dtd.27/11/15 11/27/2020
35 Sociedode do fomento,pvt.ltd C/o kalay iron ore mine ,Ambeodol,Sanguem. GA-08-U-5769 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-35(Ambu)/2015-16/1240 Dtd.27/11/15 11/27/2020
36 Mrs. Saloni Nagzarkar C/o Nagzarkar Hospital & Clinic 1st, palvem, chinchinim, salcete,Goa GA-08-U-9591 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-36(Ambu)/2016-17/658 Dtd.03/08/2016 8/3/2021
37 Shri. Navin kontale C/o Indoeo Remedian Ltd. L-14,Verna Industrial Estate Verna,Goa GA-08-V-0857 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-37(Ambu)/2016-17/1253 Dtd.28/11/2016 11/28/2021
38 Dr.Chandrakant Shetye C/o Vision Hospital, Duler, Mapusa, Goa GA-03-N-3388 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-38(Ambu)/2017-18/1674 Dtd.27/02/2017
39 Vandana Borkar C/o Borkar nursery Habade faria Road,Margao-Goa GA-08-U-0677 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-39(Ambu)/2017-18/116 Dtd.20/04/2017 4/20/2022
40 Dr. Sagar Redkar C/o Redkar Hospital & Research Centre,Dhargal,Goa GA-11-T-1171 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-40(Ambu)/2017-18/879 Dtd.11/09/2017 9/11/2022
41 Shri. Girish Babu Bommakanti C/o Mannipal Hospital, Donapaula, Tisawdi,Goa GA-07-F-5268 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-41(Ambu)/2017-18/1077 Dtd.20/10/2017 10/20/2022
42 Shri. Girish Babu Bommakanti C/o Mannipal Hospital, Donapaula, Tisawdi,Goa GA-07-F-5140 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-42(Ambu)/2017-18/1078 Dtd.20/10/2017 10/20/2022
43 Shri. Girish Babu Bommakanti C/o Mannipal Hospital, Donapaula, Tisawdi,Goa GA-07-F-4711 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-43(Ambu)/2017-18/1079 Dtd.20/10/2017 10/20/2022
44 Shri. Kiran K. Desai C/o Deccan Fine, Chemicals,Pvt.Ltd. Santa Monica Works, Corlim ilhas,Goa GA-07-F-6660 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-44(Ambu)/2017-18/1145 Dtd.31/10/2017 10/31/2022
45 Shri. Pascol Mascarenhas C/o Goa Glass Fibre Ltd. Colvale, Bardez,Goa GA-03-K-2816 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-45(Ambu)/2017-18/1748 Dtd.15/02/2018 2/15/2023
46 Shri Rajesh Sawant Medispray unit1, Kundai Industrial Estate, Kundaim,Goa GA-05-T-4405 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-46(Ambu)/2017-18/1852 Dtd.12/03/2018 3/12/2023
47 Smt. Sulakshana Sawant, c/o Sai, Nursing Home Nr. PHC Bldg.,Sankhali Goa. GA-04T4670 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-47(Ambu)/2017-18/1917 dt..26/03/2018 3/26/2023
48 Sr.M. Blaseta, Missionaries of Charities,Cuncolim,Goa GA-09U 5855 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-48(Ambu)/2018-19/283 dt..3/05/2018 5/2/2023
49 Shri Sachin Dessai, c/o Proctor and Gamble Hygiene Healthcare Ltd, Kundai Goa. GA-05T-3316 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-49(Ambu)/2018-19/408 dt..14/06/2018 6/13/2023
50 Shri Andre Evaristo Pereira ,nr. Goa Medical College, Bambolim GA-07 F-5044 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-50(Ambu)/2018-19/283 dt..3/05/2018 5/2/2023
51 Dr. Ajit Vaidya, c/o Health Centre, ZACL, Zuarinagar, Mormugao. GA 06 ,F-4616 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-51(Ambu)/2018-19/647 dt..26/07/2018 7/25/2023
52 Dr. Sandeep Kenkare C/o Campal Clinic, Panaji Goa GA-01T-8635 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-52(Ambu)/2018-19/696 dt..02/08/2018 8/1/2023
53 Shri Galib Manoor Nr. Goa Medical College, Bambolim GA-07F-1871 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-53(Ambu)/2018-19/784 dt..20/08/2018 8/19/2023
54 Shri Andre Evaristo Pereira, Nr. Goa Medical College, Bambolim GA-07 F-3939 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-54(Ambu)/2018-19/785dt..20/08/2018 8/19/2023
55 Shri Prasil Kolhapurkar C/o Vergo Pharma, Corlim Ind. Este, Corlim, Tiswadi, Goa. GA-07-0022 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-55(Ambu)/2018-19/840dt..28/08/2018 8/27/2023
56 Dr, Virendra Gaonkar c/o Healthway Hopsital, Mala, Panaji – Goa GA-07F-4436 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-56(Ambu)/2018-19/856 dt..30/08/2018 8/29/2023
57 Shri . Riyaz Ahmed, Pawan Apartments, opp. Radio Mundial Guest House, Miramar, Goa GA-07 F-5166 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-57(Ambu)/2018-19/967 dt..23/09//2018 9/22/2018
58 Shri Vinod Lohar c/o Dr. Lawandes Hospital, Margao, Goa. GA-08U-9905 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-58(Ambu)/2018-19/1007 dt..26/09//2018 9/25/2023
59 Shri Abdul Azim Sayed, c/o M.P.T. Hospital, Mormugao, Goa. DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-59(Ambu)/2018-19/1088 dt..08/10/2018 10/7/2023
60 Shri Abdul Azim Sayed, c/o M.P.T. Hospital, Mormugao, Goa GA-06 T-4652 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-60(Ambu)/2018-19/1089 dt..08/10/2018 10/7/2023
61 Edwin Marciano Pereira, Mascarenhaswado, Goa Velha, Goa GA-07-F-3298 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-61(Ambu)/2018-19/1268 dt..31/10/2018 10/30/2023
62 Shri. Yogesh V. Tigdi Butembhat, Merces, Tiswadi GA-07F-4335 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-62(Ambu)/2018-19/1270 dt..31/10/2018 10/30/2023
63 Shri Mohan Divkar Anusuya Apartments, Taleigao, Goa GA-07-T2825 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-63(Ambu)/2018-19/1272 dt..31/10/2018 10/30/2023
64 Ruizinha Michael Pereira , Mascarenhaswaddo,Goa Velha, Goa GA-07F-4224 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-64(Ambu)/2018-19/1274 dt..30/10/2018 10/29/2023
65 Daniel Feranandes Nr. Goa Medical College, Bambolim GA-07F-5146 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-65(Ambu)/2018-19/1454dt..27/11/2018 11/26/2023
66 Shri Assumcao Fernandes, Pequeno, Mercurim,Agacaim, Goa. GA-07F-1404 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-66(Ambu)/2018-19/1668 dt..03/01/2019 1/2/2024
67 Shri Prabhakar N. Sawant c/o Mandovi Dry docks, Pilgao, GA-05T-2043 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-67(Ambu)/2018-19/1272 dt..04/01/2019 1/3/2024
Sr. M. BerndettaM.C.Superior M.G. Road, Panaji – Goa. GA-05T-2148 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-68(Ambu)/2018-19/1708 dt. 08/01/2019 dt..08/01/2019 1/7/2024
69 Sri Subodh A. Naik, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Kundai, Goa GA 05T2440 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-69(Ambu)/2018-19/1768 dt. 08/01/2019. 1/7/2024
70 Shri Brijesh T. Usgaonkar, H.No. 68, GMC Qtrs,Bambolim, Goa GA-05T-3827 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-70(Ambu)/2018-19/1889 dt. 05/02/2019 2/4/2024
71 Shri Navin Shahram, c/o CIPLA Ltd, Verna, Goa GA-08V-0368 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-71(Ambu)/2018-19/1898 dt.06/02/2019 2/5/2024
72 Shri Satyasheel Desai Plot No.C-1,Madkaim Industrial Estate, Madkai Goa GA-05T-3863 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-72(Ambu)/2018-19/1963 dt.18/02/2019 2/17/2024
73 Shri Francisco Pires Bairoward, Santa Cruz, Tiswadi, Goa. GA-08-U-5106 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-73(Ambu)/2018-19/1978 dt.19/02/2019 2/18/2024
74 Shri Allen Joseph M/s Guala Closures, Upper Harvalem, Sanquelim GA-07F-5776 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-74(Ambu)/2018-19/2021 dt.26/02/2019 2/25/2024
75 Dr. Anura Bale Kamakshi Arogya, Shiroda Goa GA-05T-3763 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-75(Ambu)/2018-19/2081 dt.26/03/2019 3/25/2024
77 Shri Rahul Singole Godrejj Boyce, Ponda, Goa GA-05T-4349 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-77(Ambu)/2018-19/2200dt. 27/03/2019 3/26/2024
78 Shri Prasad Naik Nr. District Hospital, Mapusa,Goa GA08U-5425 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-78(Ambu)/2019-20/33 dt.05/04/2019 4/4/2024
79 Dr. Abel da Costa Sesa Sterlite Ltd, Kirlapal, Dabal GA-05T-9376 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-79(Ambu)/2019-20/71 dt, 10/04/2019 4/9/2024
80 Dr. Anura Bale KamakshinArogyam, Shiroda Goa GA-08G-5069 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-80(Ambu)/2019-20/76 dt, 10/04/2019 4/9/2024
81 Dr. Abel da Costa Kirlapal, Dabal, Vedanta, Amona GA-05F-1781 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-81(Ambu)/2019-20/81 dt. 11/04/2019 4/10/2024
82 Dr. Rajeshwar Naik c/o Royal Hospital, Margao GA-08V2058 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-82(Ambu)/2019-20/311 dt, 16/05/2019 5/15/2024
83 Dr. Vishal Gude Aster Hospita+C84:C87l, Margao GA-08V-2259 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-83(Ambu)/2019-20/321 dt, 17/05/2019 5/16/2024
85 Shri Kiran Kuma RG Stone Hospital, Alto, Porvorim GA-03T-9715 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-85(Ambu)/2019-20/385 dt, 28/05/2019 5/27/2024
86 Shri Kiran Kumar RG Stone Hospital, Alto, Porvorim, Goa GA03 W-0637 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-86(Ambu)/2019-20/385 dt, 28/05/2019 5/27/2024
87 Shri Vijaybhai Padhiyar Nr. Mandovi Mandovi, Panaji GA-07F-4678 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-87(Ambu)/2019-20/392 dt,29/05/2019 5/28/2024
88 Shri Sagar Utag Borda, C/O Mother care Hospital, Margao GA-08U-7644 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-88(Ambu)/2019-20/454dt, 12/06/2019 6/11/2024
89 Dr. Rajeshwar Naik C/o Royal Hospital, Margao, Goa GA-08U-5752 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-89(Ambu)/2019-20/7456dt,12/06/2019 6/11/2024
90 Dr. Sunil Ghode Grace intnsive Cardiac Care CENTRE. Margao GA-08V-1845 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-90(Ambu)/2019-20/458 dt, 12/06/2019 6/11/2024
91 Dr. Yogesh Tigdi Bhutem Bhat, Merces, Tiswadi, Goa GA-05T-0559 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-91(Ambu)/2019-20/552 dt, 26/06/2019 6/25/2024
92 Dr. Ravindra Paruleka Parulekar Nursing Home.Vasco GA-06T-4560 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-92(Ambu)/2019-20/591 dt.03/06/2019 6/2/2024
93 Shri Dipak Kamat Nr. KCRC Horizon Hospital, Margao GA-08U-4825 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-93(Ambu)/2019-20/594 dt.03/07/2019 7/2/2024
94 Shri Andre Evaristo Pereira Mascarenhas Waddo, Goa Velha, GA-07F-3575 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-94(Ambu)/2019-20/595 dt. 03/07/2019 7/2/2024
95 Shri Vinay Bhasin Nr. Palacio Property, Goa Velha GA-07F-3228 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-95(Ambu)/2019-20/619 dt. 09/07/2019 7/8/2024
96 Shri P Chakraborty Nr. Chougule Company, Loutolim, Goa GA-08U 9374 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-96(Ambu)/2019-20/633 dt, 10/07/2019 7/9/2024
97 Dr. Vinayak Prabhudesai Nr. Trimurti General Hospital, Margao GA-08-U5340 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-97(Ambu)/2019-20/697dt, 10/07/2019 7/9/2024
98 Shri Biju Abraham Nr. Tevapharm,Verna, Goa GA-08U4712 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-98(Ambu)/2019-20/98 dt, 30/07/2019 7/29/2024
99 Shri Ajay Kumar, Nr.Cadilla Healthcare , Kundai, Goa. GA-05T-2134 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No-99(Ambu)/2019-20/1105 dt. 13/09/2019 9/12/2024
100 Shri Rajesh Verenkar Nr. Ritesh Deelopers, Bethora rd, , Ponda GA-05T-3868 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No -100(Ambu)/ 2019-20/1118 dt. 17/09/2019 9/16/2024
101 Shri Parshuram Harijan Dhumre, Kapileshwari, Ponda, Goa GA-05T-4120 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No -101(Ambu)/ 2019-20/1119 dt. 17/09/2019 9/16/2024
102 Shri Manjunath Nayak Nr. Goa Shipyard Ltd, Vasco GA-05T-0968 DHS/Sp.Cell/Permit No -102(Ambu)/ 2019-20/1189 dt. 26/09/2019 9/25/2024
105 Shri Bakhta Shetty Nr. Polynova Industries, Kundai Ind. Estate., Goa GA -05 T 4582 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-105) Amb/2019-20/1499 dt 06/11/2019. 11/5/2024
106 Anand Patil BITS Pilani, Zuarinagar GA-06T 6529 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-106) Amb/2019-20/1606 dt. 20/11/2019 11/19/2024
108 Deepa Redkar, Madkaikar Hospital, Margao GA-08V-2417 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-108) Amb/2019-20/1704 dt. 4/12/2019 12/3/2024
109 Utkarsh Patil Unichem Lab, Pilerne Ind. Estate, Pilerne, Bardez, Goa. GA-03 W 8727 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-109) Amb/2019-20/1704 dt. 4/12/2019 12/3/2024
111 David Gomes Savaikar Hospital, Ponda, Goa GA-06-T5264 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-111) Amb/2019-20/1758 dt. 17/12/2019 12/16/2024
114 Manish Goel Sr. General Manager Goa Sponge & Power Ltd. Santana Costi, Sanguem,Goa GA-09U-5652 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-114) Amb/2019-20/1825 dt. 24/12/2019 12/23/2024
115 Anooradha Ganoo Matruchaya Trust, Kalapur, Ilhas, Goa GA-05T-4668 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-115) Amb/2019-20/1877 dt. 31/12/2019 12/30/2024
116 Lucy Jose, Missionaries of Charity, St. Josephs Home Quepem, Goa. GA- 09 U-0707 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-116) Amb/2019-20/1896 dt. 03/01/2020 1/2/2025
117 Sushant Kambli Campal Clinic, Panaji – Goa. GA-07F-4442 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-117 Amb/2019-20/1965 dt. 10/01/2021 1/9/2025
118 Velangini Marry JMJ Hospital, Porvorim, Goa GA-08 W-0380 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-118) Amb/2019-20/1978 dt. 13/01/2020 1/12/2025
119 Dr. Bhagyashree Vision Hospital. Mapusa,Goa. GA-03W-3388 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-119) Amb/2019-20/1983 dt. 13/01/2020 1/12/2025
120 Santosh Manjrekar Sesa Goa Mining , Dabdaba Bicholim GA- 04 T-4067 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-120) Amb/2019-20/2136 dt. 29/01/2020 1/28/2025
121 Antonio Vas Mansher, Cortalim, Goa GA-06T- 6745 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-121 Amb/2019-20/2315 dt. 17/02/2020 2/16/2025
122 Dr. Jawaharlal Henriques Anthony Hospital, Anjuna, Goa GA 03 K 8120 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-122) Amb/2019-20/2336 dt. 19/02/2020 2/18/2025
122 Helpage India Nr. Hsg Board Colony, Porvorim, Goa GA -N- 9854 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-123) Amb/2019-20/2375 dt. 25/02/2020 2/24/2025
125 Helpage India, Nr. Hsg Board Colony, Porvorim, Goa GA- 03N -8063 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-125) Amb/2019-20/2411 dt. 28/02/2020 2/27/2025
126 Helpage India, Nr. Hsg Board Colony, Porvorim, Goa GA-03N -7828 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-126) Amb/2019-20/2412 dt. 28/02/2020 2/27/2025
127 Dr. Fenton D’ Souz Nr. Anjuna Panchayat, Anjuna, Bardez, Goa GA- DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-127) Amb/2019-20/2454 dt. 06/03/2020 3/5/2025
128 Dr. Fenton D’ Souz Nr. Anjuna Panchayat, Anjuna, Bardez, Goa GA DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-128) Amb/2019-20/2455 dt. 06/03/2020 3/5/2025
129 Mr. Navin Shahram CIPLA Ltd., Verna, Goa. GA-08V-3454 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-129) Amb/2019-20/2474 dt. 11/03/2020 3/10/2025
130 Mr. Aleixo Reginal Lourenco, H. No. 800, Batora, Curtorim, Goa. GA-08V-4001 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-130) Amb/2020-21/08 dt. 03/04/2020 4/2/2025
131 Dr, Abel D’Costa Vedanta, Navelim, Sankhali, Goa. GA-07F-8700 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-131) Amb/2020-21/09 dt. 03/04/2020 2/4/2025
134 Dr. Ravish Kowalkar Galaxy Hospital, Mapusa, Goa GA-03AH-0200 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-134 Amb/2020-21/87 dt. 07/05/2020 5/6/2025
135 Mr. Eknath Shetkar Nr. GMC Premises, Bambolim GA-07F- 5809 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-135 Amb/2020-21/ 126dt. 15/05/2020 5/14/2025
136 Shri Mahadev Naik Trust Mahadev Naik Trust, Shivnathi, Shiroda, Goa GA -05 T- 0853 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-136 Amb/2020-21/ 159 dt. 28/05/2020 5/27/2025
137 Village Panchayat Village Panchayat, Morjim, Pernem GA -07F-6926 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-137 Amb/2020-21/ 175dt. 02/06/2020 6/1/2025
138 Mr. Vishwas Gawas Crompton Graves Nr. Betoda, Ponda, Goa GA -05T-4704 DHS/Sp.Cell(Permit-137 Amb/2020-21/238 dt. 12/06/2020 6/11/2025
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