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The objectives, strategies and activities of the Family Planning division are designed and operated towards achieving the family welfare goals and objectives stated in various policy documents (NPP: National Population Policy 2000, NHP: National Health Policy 2017, and NHM: National Rural Health Mission) and to honour the commitments of the Government of India (including ICPD: International Conference on Population and Development, MDG: Millennium Development Goals, SDG: Sustainable Development Goals, and others).

A basket of contraceptives which includes spacing methods i.e. condom, IUCD, injectables, Centchroman, Oral contraceptive pills etc and termination methods which include tubectomy and vasectomy are available to eligible couples at all the public health facilities.
An incentive of Rs 300 is given for post partum and post abortion IUCD insertion.
An incentive of Rs.1500/- after vasectomy and Rs 650/- after tubectomy is given to the beneficiary at all the public health facilities.


Promotion of various spacing and permanent methods of contraception are undertaken. 

The Total Fertility Rate for the State of Goa stands at 1.7 (NFHS-4).  

MethodsNeeds  for 2019-20BeneficiariesPercentage
Sterilization 4258221652
Vasectomy 6358
IUD Insertion271188333
C.C. users *1118239568354
O.P. users *3183140944
Centchroman (weekly) pills users (Chayya) **54746385
Injectables (Antara) *318979308

Source : HMIS

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