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Health is embedded in the growth story of development for all. A persistent challenge of Health System is ensuring skilled human resources. The Health services as it is called today, has a deep and penetrative network of hospitals and health centres accessible to every house in Goa. The Health Services takes each and every National and state Heath related programmes to the door step of the common man. It is essential step to move forward towards Universal Health coverage.

AYUSHMAN BHARAT is the Hon. Prime Minister’s Initiative to deliver comprehensive health care to each citizen of India. From Womb to Tomb, from a newborn to old age, from rural to urban is the quest of the DHS. Special focus groups like RMNCH+A delivers continuum of care through the five thematic areas of Reproductive, Maternal, New born, Child and Adolescent Health. In our quest for comprehensive care, Goa runs an unique program for testing all newborns in public health facilities for all inborn errors of metabolism. This initiative helps in reducing infant mortality.

With pride we say that our maternal health services have been strengthened and for this year the maternal deaths have reduced to 4 for a population of 15 lakh. Goa is the only state where institution deliveries are 98% a commendable achievement. Further under the JSSK Scheme a new mother and infant does not incur any out of pocket expenditure. The DHS strives to deliver not only curative health but through its Health and Wellness initiatives attempts to create a healthy society in Goa. The AYUSH program provides an important supportive and wellness role in Goa.

PMJAY ensures and provides health insurance to the needy to bridge the infrastructural and technical gap so that each individual could avail best of healthcare in public or private sector based on the health insurance ideology.

Goa’s own Mediclaim and DDSSY scheme has been hugely appreciated nationwide for its unique vision and service.

Public health in Goa draws its strength from a robust health network and educated and aware citizens. Hence today we focus on Non communicable illnesses like the western world. Our foray into this area has a few first. We are one first state to have a diabetic registry. We operate on a STEMI platform to prevent Cardiac and related deaths. STEMI initiative has been one of the best practices replicated in other states.

The state of Goa is on front foot to eliminate Filaria and Malaria. Communicable diseases like leprosy and TB are well under control. IDSP conducts the surveillance mechanism and monitors the trends for effective and timely interventions. The Rise of cancer cases are being dealt aggressively with the focus on early identification. Our community teams work hard to detect early cancer. Advanced cancer Pts tribes and tribulations are handled with an appropriate palliative. The state of Goa has specifically aimed programs like District Mental health Program, Drug treatment program for hard drug users and a focused composite geriatric health program. Further we also have a strong blindness and deafness control program under the ages of Non-communicable Diseases.

Goa therefore is effectively poised at a robust, comprehensive, collaborative, and composite health care programs for the benefit of the citizens of Goa.

This website is to inform the public at large and others in particular, the humongous state health initiatives undertaken with the able guidance of the Govt. of Goa and its administrative system.

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