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Directorate of Health Services, Goa






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Government of Goa has attained the goal of " Health For All" by the year 2000 A.D. through its various health and medical care programmes. Goa is therefore considered as one of the best performing states in the matter of health & medical care. 

Directorate of Health Services (DHS) has an important role in the provision and administration of health services and in order to raise the quality, extend accountability and deliver the services fairly, effectively and courteously.

Goa has one of the most extensive health systems in India. The Directorate of Health Services has an important role to perform in the Administration as far as health system & services are concerned. 

The Directorate of Health Services primarily seeks to provide preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health services to the people through primary health care approach which has been accepted as one of the main instruments of action for development of human resources, accelerating the socio-economic development and attaining improved quality of life. Primary health care is essential health care for all citizens, easily accessible and at a cost which the citizens and community can afford. 

In the rural areas services are provided through a network of integrated health and family welfare delivery system. The primary health care infrastructure has been developed as a three tier system - Sub- Centres, Primary Health Centres and Community Health Centres. Sub-Centre is the most peripheral contact point between the Primary Health Care System and the community and is manned generally by Multi-Purpose Health Workers (Male & Female) and a Peon/Attendant. Primary Health Centre is manned by a Medical Officer supported by para-medical and other staff. Some of the PHCs ( minimum 12 in number) have attached hospitals ranging with 12 to 30 beds and are headed by a Health Officer. 

The PHCs act as referral units for the sub-centres and provide preventive, promotive, curative and family welfare services. The Community Health Centres (4 in number) are headed by a Health Officer generally with four specialist doctors and a minimum of 30 beds. It serves as a referral centre for PHCs. In addition, there are Rural Medical Dispensaries (RMDs 30 in number) in remote and inaccessible areas manned by a R.M.O. and a Pharmacist where regular OPDs are conducted. The Directorate of Health Services with its network of 4 CHCs, 24 PHCs (14 with attached hospitals), 213 Sub-Centres, 30 R.M.Ds, and one Medical Dispensary, provides basic health care services to the people of Goa particularly to those living in rural areas. 

The three District Hospitals viz. Hospicio Hospital, Margao in South Goa District , Sub District Hospital, Ponda and Asilo Hospital, Mapusa in North Goa District, and three other specialized/general hospitals viz. Leprosy Hospital, Macazana; T.B. Hospital, Margao; Cottage Hospital, Chicalim; under the Directorate also serve as referral Hospitals. There are in all 1347 beds in the hospitals under the Directorate of which 469 beds are attached to CHCs / PHCs. There are 18 Dental clinics and other special clinics for implementation of various programmes such as Family Welfare, T.B., NCD,STD,Malaria, Leprosy, Control of Blindness, etc. There are two Homeopathic Dispensaries (one attached to UHC, Panaji and the other attached to CHC, Pernem) and 5 Ayurveda Dispensaries (one each attached to District hospitals Mapusa and Margao, PHC Bicholim, CHC Canacona, CHC Curchorem, PHC Balli and PHC Quepem). There are 4 Urban Health Centres in the four major towns viz. Panaji, Margao, Vasco and Mapusa and one Medical Dispensary at Sada, Vasco and a STD Clinic at Baina, Vasco. The list of Hospitals, CHCs, PHCs and UHCs with sanctioned bed strength, no. of specialists / other doctors and nurses are given. 

The Directorate and its peripheral units are responsible to issue NOC to parties/individuals who wish to set up an establishment. The concerned parties of the establishment have to submit an application in triplicate to the concerned Health Officer /Medical officer in –Charge of PHCs / CHCs / UHCs in their respective Jurisdiction.

Checklist to be submitted by the parties (establishment) for obtaining final NOC from DHS : Ownership documents , NOC from owner, clear site and location plan showing surrounding houses and their distance, flow chart, NOC from concerned municipal council/village panchayat, provisional registration certificate from Directorate of Industries, Trade & Commerce, Water Connection Bill, House Tax Receipt, NOC from neighbours within a radius of 25 metres, Partnership documents and the Application form duly filled-in. 

Particulars of Items for which NOCs are issued by DHS : Bakery, Fabrication Repairs & Servicing of Vehicles, NOC for Three Phase Connection 

Rice & Flour Mill, Potato Chips, Areca- Nuts, Ice Cream, Readymade Garments, Printing and & Stationery etc.

Particular of Items for which NOCs are issued by HO/MO at PHC/CHC level : Bar selling Liquors (IMFL), Tea & Coffees Stalls, Grocery, unit etc. Fees charged for various services offered /rendered to public by various subordinate officers/section and various hospitals under DHS is Rs 500/- at the municipalities level and Rs. 300/- at the village panchayat level.





The Goa Public Health (Amendment),  2014   


Listing of infectious diseases 9596-51-SI-OG;